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Save your jar. Save the planet.

Recycle Your Skincare

We’re excited to introduce our new initiative to help our community to recycle their skin care packaging.

Looking to recycle your old bottles and jars from your previous purchase? We got you!

We’re closing the loop in the life cycle of our products so you can recycle your packaging once you’ve savored every last drop.

Only 5% of what you put in your recycling bin is actually being given new life like we're led to believe. Sadly, the majority of beauty product packaging still finds its way into landfills, oceans or becomes incinerated. Let’s change this shocking statistic and work together to restore the health of our planet!

Recycle = Rewards

Receive 10%off your next purchase.

As a thank you from us, when you return your sanitized jar to us, you’ll receive a discount code for 10% off your next purchase of $20+ so you can restock your fav products to support the health of your skin – and our home.

Here's how it works:

Savor every drop.

Drop them off.

- Step 1: Rinse+Repeat -

Finish product (and enjoy your glowing results!) then empty, rinse and remove the label.  Completely clean the packaging - including lids, caps, etc.

- Step 2 -

Bring your empties to our shop.
(Only local returns are accepted at this time.)

Our Shop Location:

Butter Love Skin
2608 Cherokee St. 
St. Louis, MO

- Step 3 -

Enjoy 10% off your next purchase of your favs. 


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